Reikan FoCal - Commercial License

FoCal Commercial License

A personal license for FoCal allows the use of the software on up to 5 computers and 5 registered cameras at any one time (tied to the unique camera serial number). While there is the ability to update the license to cater for personal equipment upgrades, it is not intended for commercial use.

A commercial license for FoCal is tied to a single computer but will allow the use of FoCal with any supported camera for the period of one year.

Yearly License Cost:

  • FoCal Commercial - Single computer £250*
  • FoCal Commercial - 2-4 computers £200* (per computer)
  • FoCal Commercial - 5+ computers £175* (per computer)

* prices are subject to VAT if purchased within the EU.

Commercial License Requirements

There are requirements commercial users of FoCal must meet, users must read and agree to the following conditions:

Have in-depth experience of using FoCal Pro with both Nikon and Canon camera systems and a variety of lens type (macro/wide/telephoto etc) such that you could be considered an expert level user before considering to offer a FoCal Pro service to your clients.

As a result of these requirements we do not offer refunds on Commercial licences for FoCal. Please ensure that you are very familiar and competent with FoCal and are completely sure it meets your needs before committing to purchase a FoCal commercial licence.

If you're interested in finding out more please get in touch via our contact form.

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