Reikan FoCal - Detailed Reports

Reikan FoCal Detailed Reports

A key feature of FoCal Pro is the ability to save the results of calibrations and tests (far more than is shown during the test) in a PDF report. Each report has a summary page showing you camera and lens information, settings and the results (both textually and graphically if appropriate). Each analysed shot region is shown along with all the information associated with it.

With the reports, you can keep a record of the test results, and also have a document to review for validation of any results.

This example shows the overview page:

Reikan FoCal Report Summary

Target Setup - Checks

And here's a page from the Fully Automatic test, showing the analysed regions and the results for each point:

Reikan FoCal Report - Fully Auto

Target Setup - Checks

The MultiPoint Focus Test reports contains a huge amount of information (for all focus points it can exceed 100 pages!), with graphical summary information for a quick review of the results:

Reikan FoCal Report - MultiPoint Focus Test

Target Setup - Checks

Sample Downloads

Here are a few sample reports to download so you can see in details what's included:

Fully Auto Calibration

Aperture Sharpness

Dust Analysis

More Information

For all the details take a look at the FoCal reference manual in the Documents Download page.

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