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FoCal Pro

FoCal Pro from Reikan is purpose designed to provide a comprehensive and accurate way to focus calibrate and test most modern Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and lenses. Included with each FoCal Pro purchase is the licence key to use FoCal Pro with supported cameras on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

FoCal runs on your computer and connects to the camera using a USB cable (supplied with cameras). Using this connection FoCal is able to operate the camera remotely, driving it to capture test images, download those images and analyse them for sharpness and detail in real time. FoCal determines the best auto focus calibration value for any attached auto focus compatible lens, setting mirror lockup and de-focusing between each test image. Proprietary image processing and predictive statistical algorithms allow FoCal to calculate the best calibration accurately and easily and with minimal input from the user.

FoCal Pro is able to automate much of the calibration process, as a result auto focus calibration with FoCal is quick, accurate and provides an objective and error free method of lens calibration.

FoCal Pro provides many totally unique functions in addition to its core task of auto focus calibration, including:

As well as the extra tests above, FoCal Pro also gives you these extra features which work across all tests (where relevant):

  • Report Generation - generates details PDF reports with all analysis results
  • Target Optimisation - uses features of the FoCal target to optimise test analysis
  • Test History - check back and review details from any previous test
  • Compare! - compare your equipment with 1000's of other users to see how it really behaves.

and with FoCal Pro, you'll often get access to early beta releases and new features first!

Click the links above to see details about the tests and how to use them, or take a look at the features page to compare versions and see all the details.

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