Reikan FoCal - FoCal Test Centres

FoCal Test Centres

If you'd like to benefit from FoCal but aren't able to conduct the testing yourself then we've teamed up with the companies below to have your Camera and Lenses professionally FoCal'd!

The following is a growing list of locations around the world you can contact and arrange to have cameras and lenses calibrated with FoCal.

Professional FoCal calibration services in the UK

Professional FoCal calibration services outside the UK


FoCal Commercial Licence

A normal user license for FoCal allows use of the software on up to 5 registered cameras at any one time. This list of registered cameras may be updated to cater for personal equipment upgrades and restricted to personal use.

A Reikan FoCal commercial license is registered to a single computer and allows use with an unlimited number of supported cameras for the period of one year.

Commercial users must have in-depth experience using FoCal Pro with both Nikon and Canon camera systems and wide variety of lenses. Only expert level users should consider offering a Reikan FoCal calibration service to their clients.

If you'd like to find out more about using FoCal within a commercial setting please get in touch.

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