Why Calibrate your Camera Autofocus?

Have you tuned your lenses?

If not, then you're almost definitely NOT getting the best from your gear!

Get your camera and lenses working perfectly together with FoCal

Your camera and lenses were each adjusted for the best performance when they left the factory, but until you put the lens on the camera, they've never been used together!

And, chances are, each came out the factory quite some time ago. Your cameras and lenses have been used, and that use had made them slightly different to how they were when they were new.

FoCal tunes your lenses to your camera, adjusting for all those tiny differences cause by wear-and-tear, temperature changes or even slight imperfections in your gear.

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Percentage of lenses that would show a noticeable sharpness improvement after calibration with FoCal:

Canon DSLRs

Nikon DSLRs

Nikon Z Mirrorless (F-mount lenses)

Nikon Z Mirrorless (Z-mount lenses)

Source: FoCal IQ

Why would you need to adjust your autofocus?

Autofocus isn't perfect, but it can be tuned…

Main components of a DSLR and lens - note the separate AF Sensor

DSLR Cameras

DSLRs use a separate autofocus sensor - it's quick, but it needs tuning!

The Autofocus Sensor is in the bottom of the camera, and measures the focus change required to get your image in focus.

But the actual image is captured with a different sensor at the back of the camera. Tiny movements in the relative position of the sensors, amongst other things, results in poorly focused images.

And this is exactly the situation that Reikan FoCal can help fix!

Over 80% of all DSLRs and lenses will show a noticeable improvement in image quality after calibration with FoCal.

Check support for your camera…

Main components of a mirrorless camera and lens

Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless autofocus isn't perfect…

Autofocus is performed using the actual Image Sensor in mirrorless cameras, so the biggest need to tune your autofocus is removed. But there's still plenty of things that can affect the autofocus performance:

  • AF pixel mask and microlens production tolerance
  • Lens optical path issues due to camera mount, lens elements, stabilisation systems and aberrations.
  • Wear and tear of lens drive systems
  • Missing or out-of-date internal calibration data
  • AF Processor algorithm decisions

All of these can be mitigated by autofocus tuning with Reikan FoCal.

Check support for your camera…

Check to see if your camera supports Autofocus Calibration:

Reasons to check your gear regularly

Here are a few reasons why you might need to tune your camera and lenses:

Manufacturing Tolerance

Cameras and lenses are manufactured and adjusted before leaving the factory, but when you match your camera and lenses together, they may benefit from tuning.

Nikon Z7 II

Camera Handling

General use of a camera can cause tiny movements in the sensors and mounts. Big knocks and bumps can make checking and tuning with Reikan FoCal a must.

Nikon Z-mount Lens

Lens Wear & Tear

Over time, motors and gears can wear, making the focus position slightly inaccurate. Lens elements can shift fractionally causing slight focus errors.

Nikon FTZ-II adapter

Teleconverters & Lens Mount Adapters

Adding anything between the camera and lens increases chances of misalignment between the lens and body. Teleconverted and adapted lenses benefit most from fine tuning.

Changing seasons image

Temperate Changes

Hot and cold conditions cause mechanical parts in both your camera and lenses to move fractionally, introducing focus issues.

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Checking and adjusting gives you confidence you're getting the very best from from all your expensive kit.

Want to learn more?

If you're interested in digging deeper, here are two comprehensive articles on our blog which explain - in a lot of detail - why you need to calibrate both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

All about DSLR Autofocus

This post guides you through how DSLR autofocus works and why you really do need to calibrate to get the best from your camera and lenses.

With plenty of pictures and a step-by-step explanation on how everything works, along with evidence to show the need to tune, this should answer most of your questions about DSLR autofocus!

You are almost certainly not getting the sharpest shots from your DSLR - and it's not your fault!

What if I then told you there's an easy fix?

A deep dive into Mirrorless Autofocus

Mirrorless cameras don't need calibrating.


At Reikan, we've been gathering autofocus calibration results for almost 10 years now from users of our FoCal software, which includes data from users of Nikon Z-series mirrorless cameras… and it shows that you'd probably benefit from tuning your mirrorless camera.

This post series guides you, with simple explanations, through all the reasons why you should check your mirrorless camera.

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