Reikan FoCal - FoCal Licensing Overview

FoCal Licensing Overview

When you buy FoCal you are buying a single user license to use the software. This license grants the following:

  • Register and use FoCal with up to 5 supported cameras registered at any one time
  • List of registered cameras can be changed a number of times for personal equipment changes*
  • Install Reikan FoCal on multiple computers which can be a mix of Windows and Mac based systems
  • Unlimited calibrations with no limit imposed by FoCal on the number of lenses which can be calibrated
  • Cross platform licence, use FoCal on Mac or Windows (or a mix of both platforms)
  • 12 months of updates, after 12 months you continue using the version of FoCal available at that time
  • 12 months access to FoCal comparison data, compare results with users around the world (FoCal Pro)

*In order to support equipment changes you can add and remove registered cameras on your license quickly and easily. There is a limit to the number of times you can update the license before having to contact us, it’s enough to cover many years of upgrades for an average user

Included Updates Period

When you purchase FoCal you are entitled to 12 months of software updates from your date of purchase. This includes the currently released version of FoCal and all software updates (both major and minor) released over the following 12 months.

The included updates period is also tied in to the comparison data within FoCal Pro. FoCal Pro allows users to compare their results with other FoCal users around the world while they are within their included updates period.

For more information on what is included and how to renew your Included Updates Period if expired, please see this FoCal FAQ entry.