Reikan FoCal - What’s New in This Update

What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 2021 MR1. This is a Maintenance Release, which fixes issues raised in FoCal 2021.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.1.8.9070Stable2nd February 2021

Headline Features

  • Significant improvements to stability and speed of camera detection and recognition on both Mac and Windows systems. Note: camera serial number will show as a blue “?” until the Connect button has been hit at least once for each camera.
  • Improved handling of long connection times when a slow or full memory card is inserted in the camera. Note: we recommend having either no memory card in the camera, or for tools like Stabilisation Test, start with a blank/freshly formatted card.
  • Improved handling of the camera being disconnected or powering down while FoCal is running.
  • Fixed an issue where a non-center focus point warning would be raised on Nikon cameras when using Calibration Check and possibly with other tools.
  • Fix to improve reliability of MultiTest with Mirrorless cameras during the focus adjustment phase. This should stop the “Failed to adjust focus position” error being raised during the test.

“Windows protected your PC” Warning

We have recently updated our Code Signing certificate (January 2021), and for a short time afterward this date when you run the installer on Windows, you may see a warning titled Windows protected your PC. Click below for further information:

Further information on “Windows protected your PC” warning

Known Issues


  • Processing of User Metadata file (meta.json) in file mode does not work on Mac. This is an advanced feature and will be reworked for the next major release.

Windows Prerequisites / Installer Problems

Blog Post

There is a blog post associated with this release available here.

Previous Release Notes


FoCal 2021 MR1 brings the following changes since FoCal 2021 GA release:

  • Fixed decoding of Nikon Live View focus point information
  • Update to Windows Camera Interface component to add extra detection and control functionality
  • Change to mapping of low-level device identifiers and camera serial numbers to improve reliability and speed
  • Removed unnecessary camera control steps on camera detection
  • Better handling of slow connection due to full/slow memory card