Reikan FoCal - What’s New in This Update

What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 3.1 General Availability release. This version brings support for the Wireless Camera Control Module, macOS Monterey, Windows 11 and various user interface and internal improvements.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.3.0.9976Stable14th December 2021

[Note that the public naming of this release is “FoCal 3.1”, but internally the version number is 3.3.x.x. This is intentional and not an error.]

Headline Features

These are the key features since FoCal 3 – the detailed changelog is below

  • Wireless Camera Control Module support
  • Support for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey
  • Camera controls lock/unlock improvements
  • History sort options
  • Camera control improvements
  • Metadata, lens, camera recognition improvements

Known Issues

No specific known issues.

Windows Installer issue on older versions of Windows

If you are installing on a version of Windows up to Windows 10 September 2018 version, you may encounter an issue where the installer fails to complete.

This is due to internal certificates within Windows having expired – the solution is to run Windows Update on your computer and install all necessary updates. Reboot the machine and the installer should then complete successfully.

Blog Post

The blog post for this release is available at: FoCal 3.1.

Previous Release Notes

  • Previous Stable release is: FoCal 3


FoCal 3.1 GA brings the following changes from FoCal 3:

  • Fixed “Unknown” result being shown in Calibration State card
  • Fixed issue with speech synthesis on Mac
  • Improved handling of low battery condition for Nikon initial shot
  • Removed unnecessary runtime components from Mac build
  • Fixed display of AF Microadjustment value sign
  • Fix to lock up behaviour under certain conditions when opening cameras
  • Fix bugs in metadata processing
  • Fix to lens naming issue with some telephoto lenses
  • Improved exposure mode restore message
  • Added Camera Control library versions to about page
  • Added Camera and Lens sort order in History page
  • Improved history loading indication
  • Fixes to Sony lens recognition
  • Fixed crash with incorrectly initialised (from factory/repair) cameras
  • Added camera & lens serial number in File Mode chooser where available
  • Improved reading of Sony metadata
  • Resolved graphics bug causing failure to load some images
  • Jump to Camera Utils page from the Time Incorrect message on connecting to camera
  • Fixed test information staying at “Starting Test” for the whole test in some situations
  • Removed unnecessary metadata processing code
  • Fixed issue for max aperture parsing on Nikon Z camera metadata
  • Added Nikon Z fc, Z9, Canon EOS R3 and Sony A7IV to camera definitions
  • Added support for Wireless Camera Control module
  • Added warning NOT to disconnect camera without stopping test in Target Setup
  • Improved Camera Settings change operation in Target Setup - added automatic option to stop and unlock, then restart the test from within the information panel.
  • Sorted unexpected unlocking of camera under certain situations
  • Reset Target Setup UI if camera is disconnected
  • Added image transfer progress indicator to top bar (in place of lock icon during transfer)
  • Fixed issue where “camera settings not restored” alerts were shown unnecessarily
  • Removed menus when Target Setup is running
  • Extra information shown in Image Info tool
  • Restore validation messages when dialogs restored (previously they were never shown again)
  • Make clear that live view settings cannot be adjusted on Nikon without disconnecting
  • Check for centre focus point selection during Measure phase of Stabilisation Test
  • Better detection of no-lens-present on camera
  • Fixed link in pre-release information message
  • Removed need to re-validate license on clearing settings or after making a change to the license
  • Fixed issue stopping commercial users running both FoCal 2.x and FoCal 3.x with the same license
  • Improved detection of macOS release versions. Added Monterey (macOS 12)
  • Added option to remove all settings - in Advanced panel of Settings page.
  • Tidied window title for brand-new installation
  • Added contact link to Commercial License expiry message
  • Added links to help pages from Target Setup environment check panels