Reikan FoCal - What’s New in This Update

What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 3.5 Beta 2. This release brings huge speed improvements to the Wireless Camera Module, important fixes to macOS operation, and UI improvements. It builds on the big changes to Calibration Check introduced in 3.5 Beta 1.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.5.1.10560Beta16th June 2022

Headline Features

  • Huge speed improvement to Wireless Module
  • Usability improvements
  • Fixes to FoCal 3.5 Beta
  • Calibration Check: completely new algorithm allowing operation with mirrorless cameras (e.g. Nikon Z series which support autofocus calibration).
  • Improvements to Wireless Camera Module integration – ability to set country, over-the-air updates, restore a reset unit and queuing of licensing/results when the internet is unavailable.

Known Issues

Note that Raw is not yet supported on the Z9 due to Nikon introducing a new raw compression format. This will be supported as soon as possible.

Windows Installer issue on older versions of Windows

If you are installing on a version of Windows up to Windows 10 September 2018 version, you may encounter an issue where the installer fails to complete.

This is due to internal certificates within Windows having expired – the solution is to run Windows Update on your computer and install all necessary updates. Reboot the machine and the installer should then complete successfully.

Blog Post

The blog post for this release is available at: FoCal 3.5 Beta 2

Previous Release Notes


FoCal 3.5 Beta 2 brings the following changes from FoCal 3.5 Beta

  • Fixed an issue caused by a recent change in macOS which made the FoCal user interface sometimes stop responding
  • Fixed issue starting LiveView on Nikon DSLR cameras
  • Fixed scaling issue in charting library
  • Removed “set centre focus point” warning for Nikon Z cameras in most tests
  • Fixed issue with remembering autoscale mode on charts while tests running
  • Made “return to test” button much clearer in Target Setup
  • Added focal length to the test overview card
  • Changed history table to show blue rows where crops are available, and coloured text in the summary field based on the results.
  • Fixed marker on results gauge in Calibration Check
  • Improved cleanup when settings are restored to defaults
  • Fixed issue where history windows of the same test type would not open without moving away from the page and returning.
  • Fixed Calibration Check report to show correct data
  • Battery level is now shown on the camera card at the top of the screen
  • RAW module indicator is shown on camera card if enabled and supported by the camera
  • Improved speed of some Live View operations on Nikon cameras
  • Fixed issue where FoCal would appear to lock up if using the Measure feature in Stabilisation Test with a lens cap on the camera

Wireless Camera Module

  • Huge speed improvement (6 times faster) for Wireless Module
  • Fixed issue showing Wireless Module statistics
  • Added more feedback during Wireless Module restore
  • Show warning to reset/restore Wireless Module if firmware versions are incompatible
  • Show warning if country is not set correctly on the module
  • Naming improvements within the user interface
  • Fixed occasional connection failure to module
  • Improved firmware update to not need a module restart (power down/power up) after and update
  • Improved handling breaking and reestablishment of connection to the module
  • Updated restore version of Wireless Control Module firmware to 1.3.8
  • Improvements to detection of when activation code is incorrect to give clearer explanation messages

FoCal 3.5 Beta brings the following changes from FoCal 3.2 MR1

  • Fixed issue that stopped recognition of some lens mounts in the lens database
  • Fixed calculation issue in Dust Analysis test
  • Added internet connection detection
  • Fixed issue with Live View operation on Canon EOS-R series (R, R5, R6, RP)
  • Improved download efficiency for images on Canon cameras
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Canon cameras to defocus when not requested
  • Implemented brand new core of CalCheck test, using Live View, more accurate results and operation with mirrorless cameras
  • Implemented better reading of live view data from newer (> 2017) Nikon cameras
  • Fixed an issue with focus mode control on some Nikon cameras
  • Interpret “auto” electronic front curtain shutter mode (Nikon)
  • Fixed issue with export of camera information from Settings > Advanced
  • Fixed an issue where live view could fail on some Nikon cameras (specifically seen on Nikon Z7ii)
  • Improvements to initialisation of Nikon cameras, specifically related to live view
  • Later Nikon cameras (>2017) now use higher quality Live View
  • Add markers for data points off the axes of charts
  • Fixed an issue where focus on Nikon could be inadvertently adjusted on starting Live View
  • Added keyboard shortcut to allow camera controls (CTRL+L)
  • Fixed issue on several Nikon cameras where live view zoom may not action correctly
  • Added verification for live view zoom frame being centred
  • Automatically control live view zoom position where possible
  • Automatically set centre focus point on supported cameras
  • Fix to stop occasional crash reading program properties
  • Significant improvements to manual focus control on Nikon cameras
  • Fix live view startup issue on Nikon which may have used wrong focus mode
  • Fix to allow control of AFMode on most Nikon cameras (all since around 2010)
  • Automatically adjust focus point on Nikon cameras where necessary
  • Fixed Canon Live View zoom issue
  • Improved error message shown if Live View fails to start on Canon cameras
  • Ensure shot-in-progress indication is cleared after any failures during tests
  • Ensure camera/lens information shown on user interface is consistent if lens is changed while camera connected
  • Improvements to chart drawing
  • Added Indication if QoF calculation is using Live View images
  • Show source of data (e.g. Shot or Live View) in shot information
  • Fixed issue where some user interface components would be visible if UI disconnected
  • Fixed incorrect display of AF Fine Tune value for Live View captured shots on Nikon
  • Only show marker on CalCheck gauge when there is enough data
  • Correctly detect if live view focus point is centred for all cameras, allow user change if not
  • Improved control of Canon cameras - reduce setup messages (e.g. no need to adjust away from Quick Mode AF now)
  • Automatic selection of 1-point Live View AF mode for Canon cameras (removes warning message)
  • Fixed chart scaling between full-range and data-range on clicking of Y axis values
  • Persist chart configuration during tests to ensure scale mode doesn’t change
  • Removed information that changes during tests on Camera info page (e.g. aperture, shutter speed and ISO).
  • Improvements to “time not correct” warning on camera connect - easier to adjust time on camera automatically now.

Wireless Camera Module

  • Implemented over-the-air updating
  • Added restore functionality
  • Added ability to set country for wireless compliance
  • New Wireless pages under Help menu
  • Improvements to make control of module more responsive
  • New statistics information
  • Queue request to license a camera when connected to the module, and automatically action it when reconnected to the internet
  • Implemented results upload queue, so results captured when offline will be uploaded on next connection