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What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 3.6. This release brings improvements to Mirrorless Calibration Check, the Wireless Camera Control Module, updates to camera control and various internal and user interface improvements and fixes.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.6.0.10880Stable29th Sep 2022

Headline Features

  • Improvements to stability and reliability of Calibration Check especially when run with Mirrorless cameras (or any camera when using FoCal AF)
  • Updates to camera control for Canon and Nikon cameras
  • Improvements to the Wireless Camera Control Module operation
  • Lots of internal and user interface improvements and bug fixes

Known Issues

Note that Raw is not yet supported on the Z9 due to Nikon introducing a new raw compression format. We hope to have this available in the next release of FoCal.

Windows Installer issue on older versions of Windows

If you are installing on a version of Windows up to Windows 10 September 2018 version, you may encounter an issue where the installer fails to complete.

This is due to internal certificates within Windows having expired – the solution is to run Windows Update on your computer and install all necessary updates. Reboot the machine and the installer should then complete successfully.

Detailed Release Information

The information for this release on the FoCal website is available at: FoCal 3.6

Previous Version


FoCal 3.5 brings the following changes from since FoCal 3.5

  • Fixes and improvements to processing of comparison data
  • CalCheck much more reliable on Mirrorless cameras (FoCal AF)
  • Fixed issues with loading resource files
  • Fixed issues with upload data queue
  • More efficient handling of comparison data
  • Improved LMS reachability detection
  • Updates to Wireless Camera Control protocol
  • Improved handling of license changes
  • Fixed an issue where core and UI could become disconnected
  • Logging can start/stop without needing to restart
  • Clearer information when opening/closing cameras
  • Fixed process to update password in FoCal when it’s changed at the LMS
  • Fixed an issue where pinpoint mode was being shown as active on Z9 when it wasn’t
  • Allow export of test data from Report page (as well as History panel)
  • Better information when Raw mode is enabled
  • Typical information page can be copied to clipboard now
  • Fixed issue where settings change warning shown after deliberate user change of camera settings.
  • Licensed features list added to license page