Reikan FoCal - What’s New in This Update

What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 3.7. This release brings the new Camera Snapshots tool, improvements to camera detection, user interface updates, stability and performance improvements and internal database updates.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.7.1.11732Stable31st Jan 2023

Headline Features

  • New Camera Snapshots tool
  • Stability and Performance improvements
  • Camera Control improvements
  • Look & Feel updates

Known Issues

Note that Raw is not yet supported on the Z9 due to Nikon introducing a new raw compression format. We hope to have this available in the next release of FoCal.

Windows Installer issue on older versions of Windows

If you are installing on a version of Windows up to Windows 10 September 2018 version, you may encounter an issue where the installer fails to complete.

This is due to internal certificates within Windows having expired – the solution is to run Windows Update on your computer and install all necessary updates. Reboot the machine and the installer should then complete successfully.

Detailed Release Information

The information for this release on the FoCal website is available at: FoCal 3.7

Previous Version


FoCal 3.7 brings the following changes from since FoCal 3.6

  • Added Camera Snapshots tool
  • Added autodetection of camera connection/disconnection
  • Cached camera information for faster and more reliable operation
  • Improved feedback for any errors during first shot of AFC and AvS
  • Added connection type to Test Information panel
  • Improvements to Cam/Lens Info Panel
  • Improved Live View display
  • Fixed issue caused when Canon camera opened but not in PASM mode.
  • Full size CR3 Raw extraction
  • Fixed missing information in reports (related to RGB data)
  • Completely new comms between Core and UI
  • Removed Remote Mode
  • Improved look of various controls on the user interface
  • Removed option to choose Camera Interface
  • Improvements to Wireless Module UI layout
  • Added WiFi Control to Windows
  • Improvements to connection of Wireless Module
  • Improved handling of deferred licensing updates