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What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 3.10 MR1 (Maintenance Release 1).

MR1 brings an important fix to the camera control code which improves performance significantly when saving and restoring the camera state, as well as during tests. Stability of camera communication will also be improved. There are also some improvements to warning/information messages, and some minor enhancements to usability, as well as some bug fixes.

[FoCal 3.10] This release brings big improvements to the Snapshots tool, fixes Windows USB issues, improves control of Nikon and Canon cameras and more.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.10.1.12544Stable8th Aug 2023

Headline Features

FoCal 3.10 MR1:

  • Camera control bug fix
  • Improvement to Snapshots tool
  • Usability and user interface improvements

FoCal 3.10:

  • Big Snapshot Improvements
    • Layout changes
    • PDF export
    • Apply to different cameras
    • Grouping and Sort Order improvements
    • Graphical White Balance editing
    • Picture Control Data saved/restored
  • File Mode improvements
  • Camera and LensDB updates
  • Camera control improvements for both Nikon and Canon
  • Windows USB fix

More information is available in the 3.10 release blog post at blog.reikanfocal.com.

Known Issues

There are no known issues.

Windows Installer issue on older versions of Windows

If you are installing on a version of Windows up to Windows 10 September 2018 version, you may encounter an issue where the installer fails to complete.

This is due to internal certificates within Windows having expired – the solution is to run Windows Update on your computer and install all necessary updates. Reboot the machine and the installer should then complete successfully.


FoCal 3.10 MR1 brings the following changes since FoCal 3.10

  • Bug fix in camera control - improves stability and performance
  • Added real-time monitoring for Picture Control data
  • Allow connecting in Movie Mode (for Snapshots)
  • Fixes to Snapshot PDF export
  • Various minor bug fixes in user interface code
  • Improved layout and display of any error raised when opening camera
  • Allow show/hide for connected camera even if not connected for Snapshots
  • Limit Snapshot apply message height, adding internal scrolling
  • Updated Snapshot conversion results
  • Limit Snapshot conversion message height, adding internal scrolling
  • Fixed issue where incorrect error message could be shown when updating license on Mac
  • Improved information messages if there are internet issues preventing connection to the license server

FoCal 3.10 brings the following changes since 3.9 MR1

Snapshots Updates

  • Added option to hide default unchanged (from factory default) values
  • Show factory default values when only changed values are shown
  • Added revert to factory default button
  • Sorted order of settings for each camera to better match organisation on camera
  • Added function to export Snapshot to PDF
  • Improvements to settings naming, organisation and decoding
  • Fixed issue where timestamps could show wrong timezone
  • Fixed issue where Snapshots shown as modified after being saved
  • Fixed issue with Pre White Balance gain calculation
  • Added picture control data to Snapshots
  • Added graphical white balance display to UI (including edit capability)
  • Stop allowing switching to Snapshot mode for cameras that don’t support it
  • Improved Apply summary - renamed columns, sorted into groups
  • Extra information for settings that aren’t applied
  • Added multiline handling for settings with lots of text for their value
  • Snapshots can now be copied to different cameras (beta)
  • Change default tab to Snapshot database if Welcome page not shown
  • Fixed an issue where monitoring could be active even if the icon wasn’t shown
  • Fixed display of white balance values
  • Don’t allow “Apply to camera” when no Snapshot is selected
  • Reorganised Snapshots: Current Snapshot is now in its own tab
  • Improved Snapshot DB table
  • Improved file naming for Snapshot files (single Snapshots, SnapshotDB and PDFs)
  • Fixed a bug where applied text (e.g. custom bank name) would show as failed to apply to the camera.
  • Default value is shown in bold when editing lists
  • Allow setting of conditional-write values (even when camera didn’t allow them at time of Snapshot capture)

Other updates

  • Fixed Pentax metadata decoding
  • Fixed Sony metadata decoding
  • General fixes and improvements to metadata processing for all cameras
  • Update to CameraDB
  • Updated LensDB
  • Updated all graphics icons in UI
  • Fixed layout issue on login page
  • Added X-H2, A77, A77ii to camera database
  • Fixed CamDB issue with 4000D and 400D
  • Fixed issue in detecting teleconverters on Nikon Z cameras with Z-mount lenses
  • Fixed erroneous ONE-SHOT mode warning for Canon R series cameras
  • Added AF Mode to camera/lens information and image information test results
  • Fixed a USB interface issue on Windows that affected certain commands
  • Validated with Olympus cameras
  • Validated with Pentax cameras
  • Validated with Sony DSLT cameras
  • Allow file mode operation with cameras that don’t add aperture, shutter speed or ISO to metadata
  • Improved error message when password has been changed online but not updated in the app
  • Click on camera model on About page to see detailed information about the camera
  • Improved camera information links
  • Changed “Don’t Show Again” operation on information messages to be more logical
  • Minor updates to help information messages within FoCal to improve clarity
  • Fixed issue where background would scroll when an alert was shown.