Reikan FoCal - Camera Autofocus Tuning and Analysis

Percentage of lenses that would show a noticeable sharpness improvement after calibration with FoCal:

Canon DSLRs

Nikon DSLRs

Nikon Z Mirrorless (F-mount lenses)

Nikon Z Mirrorless (Z-mount lenses)

Source: FoCal IQ

The Benefits of Autofocus Tuning

Did you know that around 80% of DSLR lenses,
and almost half of all adapted mirrorless lenses
will show a noticeable sharpness improvement after calibration with FoCal?

Sharper Shots

Sharpen your images before you take the shot: with a calibrated lens, you get the performance your gear was designed to give you, and which you paid for!

Better Performance

Tuning your lenses speeds up your autofocus as well as helping you get more in-focus shots.

How Reikan FoCal Helps

1,000's of Nikon and Canon digital SLR and Nikon Mirrorless camera users trust Reikan FoCal to test and adjust their camera and lens focusing.

Using advanced image processing FoCal provides automated focus calibration and lens testing on modern digital SLR and Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras, identifying any issues and improving lens sharpness.

Just wanted to say what an amazing piece of software FoCal has made. Most of my lenses are older Nikkor such as a 35-70 F2.8 D I was having some issues with. It turns out most of my lenses needed some calibration, FoCal has done an amazing job on them.

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FoCal Features

Available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android, Reikan FoCal does a lot more than just calibrate your autofocus…

Tune your Autofocus

Sharpen your images before you even take the shot!

FoCal takes control of your camera, automatically captures and analyses images and sets up your camera and lenses to work perfectly together.

Automatic Calibration is available in FoCal Plus and FoCal Pro (Desktop), and FoCal Mobile Pro.

See how to tune with FoCal

Analyse Everything

Dig into the details of your camera and lens performance

FoCal Pro adds several tools for a deep dive into the performance of your camera kit:

  • MultiTest and Aperture Sharpness - see lens performance across both aperture and focus position.
  • Dust Analysis and Stabilisation Test - look into your camera operation and condition.
  • Focus Consistency - check your autofocus system operation.

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Data Points


Compare your data to real-world results from thousands of other FoCal users

Have you ever compared your lens with another of the same type? Do you know you've got a good copy?

We've processed hundreds of millions of data points uploaded by FoCal users and created typical performance models, so you can quickly and easily see just how your gear is performing in the real world.

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Capture your camera settings in an instant

Snapshots allow you to take a copy of your camera settings, edit, organise, share and re-apply in seconds.

Build a library of Snapshots: Birds-in-flight, night portraits, weddings, landscapes, fast action… all ready to go in seconds.

(* Currently available for selected Nikon cameras, as a feature of FoCal Pro and a standalone app for Apple and Android devices.)

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FoCal Products

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Calibrate, analyse and compare your camera and lenses with your desktop computer.

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