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What’s New in This Update

Ooops, we made a mistake in an email about FoCal 2021 Release Candidate and may have sent you here by mistake! The correct release note for FoCal 2021 RC is here.

Welcome to FoCal 2020 RC. This is the Release Candidate for FoCal 2020, meaning it is very close to the final, stable version.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.0.4.8622RC (Beta)23rd October 2020

Headline Features

There have been a number of bug fixes and improvements since the last Beta version.

The most obvious difference is for Windows users: FoCal is now a pure 64-bit application which fixes some reliability issues for some long running, processing intensive tests.

The following are a few key changes in other areas:

  • CSV output has been improved and added to tests that didn’t support it
  • File mode support for various cameras has been improved
  • We have fixed some camera control issues after thorough testing with over 25 cameras.

Known Issues

All Platforms

  • Nikon D700 does not connect – this will be resolved in the next build.


  • Processing of User Metadata file (meta.json) in file mode does not work on Mac. This is an advanced feature and will be reworked for the next major release.
  • User Interface Zoom setting does not work well.


  • The first time a brand-new installation is run you may see an error about “being unable to write to the transport connection.” This only occurs once, so restart FoCal and you will not see the message again. We are investigating this issue.
  • We have had a couple of reports of Live View not starting for Target Setup. This is being investigated.

Windows Prerequisites / Installer Problems

Note that for all of the FoCal 2020 releases we have had no reported issues with the Windows installer not correctly updating dependencies, so we will remove this section in the next release notes if no reports are raised.

The Windows Installer should automatically install any necessary missing prerequisites on the first installation, but if you have problems with the installer you should manually install the following:

.NET Framework 4.8: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/thank-you/net48-web-installer

FoCal is now a 64-bit application on Windows, so you would need the 64-bit Visual C++ redistributable files:

Visual C++ Redistributables (x64 version): https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe

If you download and run the installers for both of the above, and then re-run the FoCal installer it should fix any issues.

Blog Post

There is a blog post associated with this release available here.

Previous Release Notes


The Changelog below shows the issues fixed since FoCal 2020 Beta 2:

  • Update recognised Windows 10 versions
  • Sony A7iii Raw File images don't load in ImageInfo tool
  • Rename Preferences control menu item on Windows to Settings.
  • Remove information about not using Spot AF mode.
  • Test 5D4 firmware v 1.3.0
  • CalCheck - clarify result summary text
  • LV Centre FP message should also state single point as well.
  • Rename AvS in report to ApSharp
  • Some long-operation indicators missing on Mac
  • TargetSetup: "No Live View" message should be clearer
  • Remove "switch off IS" warning for dust analysis test
  • Add information panel to MultiTest
  • No focus point active warning shown on first aperture shot in MT and AvS for 90D.
  • Pre-Shot Alert tickbox state is always shown as OFF when settings opened
  • Rename PDAF to OSAF for "Unavailable" info msgs on Camera screen
  • Pre-Test Info: Add msg to ensure centre FP in LV for AFC using LV
  • Non-centre FP in LV is reported but not clearly
  • Camera Settings Changed msg: make JPEG/Raw mode clearer
  • Canon Picture Style not clear in Camera Settings Changed message
  • TargetSetup - Light level too low for AF should be error (not warning)
  • Camera/Lens details: Show LVAF options
  • Firmware version parsing for Sony cameras
  • Update release notes link
  • Add CSV output for File Explore test
  • Add CSV output for CalCheck
  • Add CSV output for MultiTest
  • Nikon 180-400 f/4E TC1.4 shows focal length as 250mm to 580mm
  • Update Z lens IDs for new lenses
  • D850 with 35/2D shows focal length as 36mm
  • Improve memory management
  • Test latest Z-camera firmware
  • 64-bit Windows build
  • Mac: App doesn't always terminate when it should
  • Add help links for Red Blue Quality charts in Fully Auto, AF Consistency and Aperture Sharpness
  • Update Graphics library
  • Option to show/hide chart keys
  • Reimplement Plus-Pro upgrade option in software
  • Windows: fix restore of window position on startup
  • Allow retry on shot failures
  • Old firmware version names are not cleaned up
  • Fixed camera lenses not recognised in all cases (e.g. X100 series)
  • Make Focus Adjustment and Tethering support in camera list clearer
  • AFC Median astig factor is 100x too big
  • Refresh camera list after camera page loaded to make UI more responsive
  • First time install of Pro license starts with Plus UI (even though title says Pro)
  • Show better feedback when obtaining history data for the History Table
  • Target Distance shown 10x too far for lenses with built in TC in some some countries
  • Validate operation with no network connected.
  • Startup failure if no network connected (Windows)
  • VCRuntime issue with Raw Processor on Win 7
  • Add platform to version of FRP and NCI
  • Persist choice of table size on history page (e.g. 5, 10, 50 etc)
  • D780 LV Calibration auto switched to Single AF (Hybrid AF). Should allow Pinpoint (CDAF) as option.
  • MultiTest shows "Image Sensor AF" for Z cameras
  • Calibration Test - Test Results Overview shows blank description for first entry until shot fired
  • Add Red/Blue quality charts to Calibration, AFC and AvS reports.
  • Change reference to "AF Microadjustment" in ChartInfo pages (and online)
  • Old test data alert - file mode, offers to start new test (shouldn't for file mode)
  • Meta.json adjusted focus adjustment doesn't seem to show up under crops
  • Mac: File mode, filter is not honoured
  • Font colour in text settings controls (TextItem, Label etc) is slightly lighter than the others
  • "Failed to get shot data" occasionally happens and test terminates (AFC, AvS)
  • Mac: Delay OK'ing permissions on camera search causes failure.
  • Win 10, potential failure on settings restore
  • Hitting return to OK dialogs plays system sound
  • Make usable on 800px high screen
  • DA: Show aperture currently being analysed in test information
  • Can’t “clear” a test - have a restart option somewhere to run a new calibration.
  • Win installer folder choice
  • Win installer: 800700e8, broken pipe
  • History panel (in test window) should reload after test complete and history load
  • Delay after applying license but before closedown
  • Decode focusing mode from EXIF & warn if spot focus is used on 5D3 or 7D.
  • Improvements to CSV file content