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Quality Grid – MultiTest

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The Quality Grid shows the quality of a measurement point across the focus and aperture range.

When the chart is Overall Max type, the most green point represents the highest quality of all measurements, and the most red point represents the poorest quality of all measurements.

When the chart is Aperture Max type, the green and red values show the best and worst measurements just within that particular aperture.


  • Quality level shown on a scale from red (worst), through orange, yellow to green (best)
  • Purple diamonds – location of the peak quality value for each aperture
  • White diamond – location of the overall best quality point for the whole test
  • Blue line – focus adjustment value for the best quality wide open (this is the same as a “classic” focus calibration value)
  • Red line – focus adjustment value for the best Aperture Range Quality Score which represents the best average quality over the whole aperture range.


Looking purely at the widest aperture (on the far left of the chart), we get a top-down view of the results from a “classic” focus calibration.

The most green point along the left hand column represents the best focus calibration value wide open.

In Overall Max view, the widest aperture will typically not be completely green – especially for wide aperture lenses – as it’s likely to be some level below the best quality of any aperture (this is shown above).

But in the Aperture Max view, each aperture will span the full range from green to red:

Looking at the charts above, the blue line represents the best quality available wide-open (it hits the middle of the greenest area at the widest (left most) aperture).

The purple diamonds trace the path of best quality if you were to manually focus the lens, and this track indicates the focus shift of the lens.

The white diamond shows the best possible capture quality. In the examples above, this is at f/3.5 with a focus shift of -8 AF Microadjustment units (when focusing wide-open).

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