What’s New in This Update - Reikan FoCal Help

What’s New in This Update

Welcome to FoCal 2020. This is the first Stable, General Availability release of FoCal 2020 for all users.

Version Details

ComponentVersionTypeRelease Date
FoCal – Windows & Mac3.0.6.8652Stable2nd November 2020

Headline Features

This is the first stable release of FoCal 2020. Details are available in the blog post (see below).

Known Issues


  • Processing of User Metadata file (meta.json) in file mode does not work on Mac. This is an advanced feature and will be reworked for the next major release.
  • User Interface Zoom setting does not work well.


  • The first time a brand-new installation is run you may see an error about “being unable to write to the transport connection.” This only occurs once, so restart FoCal and you will not see the message again. We are investigating this issue.

Windows Prerequisites / Installer Problems

Blog Post

There is a blog post associated with this release available here.

Previous Release Notes

Release notes for the FoCal 2020 pre-release phase are available below, and contain detailed changelogs for all steps from FoCal 2.13 through to this release:


The Changelog below shows the issues fixed since FoCal 2020 Release Candidate:

  • Windows: very first run, occasional transport connection issue
  • FoCal Home menu option should reload Remote UI in remote mode.
  • Limit focus adjustment values to 1 for AF Consistency (File Mode)
  • Update Windows icon file for installer/app
  • Settings: Spelling error, “Pre-test Info Messgs”
  • Spinner shown on history page forever when no history is available
  • Update help mappings to online help pages
  • Nikon D700 not opening
  • Shot download sometimes fails on Nikon cameras
  • Mac: Big Sur shown as "11.0" rather than with friendly name
  • Mac: fix User Interface Zoom
  • Mac: “Reload” menu option should be FoCal Home to make operation consistent