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Red Quality – MultiTest

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The Red Quality chart shows the difference between the sharpness in the red channel and the sharpness in the green channel.


  • Red line: uncalibrated red quality (adjustment value is 0)
  • Green line: calibrated red quality
  • Black dotted line: red quality with manual focusing at any aperture
  • Orange dotted line: red quality at ARQS calibration value (see Aperture Range Quality Score (ARQS) – MultiTest).


See Red-Blue Ratio – MultiTest for an introduction to aberrations.

This chart shows the quality in the red channel, normalised to the green channel as a reference.

A value below 100% is expected and shows that the quality of the red channel is less than the quality of the green channel.

If the value goes above 100%, it indicates that the red image is sharper than the green image.

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